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Content Management System Websites

If you are planning to make frequent changes to your website, you will probably want the website to incorporate a content management system.

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS is a piece of software that allows someone without technical web coding knowledge to add material to a website.

Even if you are familiar with HTML, you will find that it is often easier to make changes to your website by using a content management system than by messing about with bare HTML code.

What Skills Do I Need?

Basic computer skills are all that’s required. If you can write an email and create a document using Microsoft Office or Open Office, you won’t have any trouble using a CMS. The actual procedure will be different, but the level of difficulty is the same.

We provide full instructions for all of our content management system websites.

What Software Will I Need to Install on My Computer?

None. The CMS software is installed on the web server (the computer on which the website itself is stored). It works with all types of web browser software. All you need is access to the internet from a computer you trust.

How Much Control Will I Have?

You will be able to manage the content of your website by, for example:

  • changing the text of an existing web page;
  • creating a new web page;
  • uploading images and other files.

We will tailor your content management system software to reflect your needs, giving you all the features you require while not confusing you with features you don’t need.

What you won’t be able to do is change the design or layout of the website. There are various software packages, such as Baby Home Pages, Microsoft Front Page, or Serif Webplus, which will allow you some control over these things. These packages are not content management systems. They are aimed at amateur, hobby websites, in which a professional appearance and search engine–friendly code are not required.

How Does it Work?

  1. Using a trustworthy computer, you log in to the backstage area of the website using a secure user name and password.
  2. You select the part of the website you wish to update.
  3. You write in one or more text boxes, much like writing an email.
  4. You upload images and other files in the same way as you would attach a file to an email.
  5. You click a button to save your changes and put them live on the website.
  6. You log out.

What Types of CMS are Available?

There are many good general–purpose content management systems around. Three of the best are:

All of the above have plenty of features and are suitable for anything from a simple blog to a large corporate website. Many of the websites in our portfolio are built around these content management systems. We are experts in creating websites using Textpattern, and have written a series of tutorials for other web designers explaining how the system works.

If you require something more specialised, we can arrange for a bespoke content management system to be built for you, although you should be aware that these can be quite pricey. Even very large and well-known websites, such as the White House website, work perfectly well using the CMS software mentioned above.

Lab 99 Web Design will be happy to incorporate a CMS into your:

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