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Web Design Requirements

For us to be able to give you an accurate quotation, we will need to know the answers to a few questions.

Preferred Appearance

Whether you have a preference for a particular colour scheme or layout. In practice, most clients leave the design up to us, but we will gladly create a website according to your own design if you wish. If you have a precise appearance in mind, you must supply us with professional artwork in an acceptable image format, such as .jpg, .png or .psd. In some cases, .pdf documents may be acceptable; word–processed or powerpoint documents are most definitely not acceptable! If in doubt, please contact us with your requirements.

Likewise, if there is anything you specifically do not want, you must let us know in advance.

Updating the Website

Whether you wish to be able to update the website yourself. We will gladly build the website around a content management system, which will allow anyone with basic computer skills to change the content of the website. A content management system can be added once the website is up and running, but it is much cheaper to incorporate one from the beginning!

Expanding the Website

Whether you intend to expand the website in the future. Certain types of design can be adapted more easily than others.

The Text

How much there is, how it is organised, and the format in which it will be supplied (for example, whether it is typed, in digital format, or a printed brochure). We are happy to edit and rewrite text if required.

The Images

Whether a company logo is to be incorporated into the website, whether any graphics and photographs will be supplied, and whether any will need to be created specifically for the website. Editing images can be time–consuming, so we will need to know how many images you intend to supply, and how much editing will be required.

Your Words

We are used to hammering text into shape, so there is no need to worry about supplying text that isn’t in perfect English!

Most printed text requires cosmetic changes in order to make it suitable for the web. Paragraphs, for example, usually need to be short to be readable on a computer monitor. Our service includes the optimisation of your text to make it attractive to search engines.

We will gladly make whatever changes are necessary. If you require your text to be reproduced exactly as supplied, please be sure to let us know.

We are able to use text:

  • as digital files, or
  • on paper.

Digital documents should be supplied in a non–proprietory format. For example, the following formats are acceptable: .odt, .rtf, .txt, and .doc (but not .docx).

Your Images

We can optimise the file size of your images to make them suitable for the web, so that they include enough detail while keeping their download times to a minimum.

If you are thinking of taking any photographs for your website yourself, you’ll find advice on our Photography for Websites page.

We can cope with photographs and other images:

  • as digital files,
  • as photographic prints, or
  • on film, as slides or negatives.

Digital images must be supplied in an appropriate format: usually .jpg, .png or .gif. If you have images in other formats, please contact us.

Planning Your Website

Here are some things you may like to do:

  • Check out other websites with a similar theme to yours, to see what the competition are up to.
  • Assemble any physical and digital documents, such as text, photographs, and brochures, which you would like to be used in your website.
  • Check out other web designers too, and ask them a few questions.

If you need advice about planning your website, please feel free to contact us.