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Improve Your Current Website

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Lab 99 Web Design can:

  • Improve your website’s search engine rankings.
  • Improve your website’s appearance.
  • Make your old website mobile–friendly.
  • Improve the way your website works.

Search Engine Improvements

Most websites are poorly optimised, and have plenty of potential to move up the search engine rankings. Our established search engine optimisation skills will push your website as close to the top as possible.

A New Coat of Paint

Every so often, you need to spruce up your website’s appearance. Fashions change, and new website design techniques are constantly being developed. An expert makeover by Lab 99 Web Design will give your old, tired website an up–to–date look to attract new visitors.

Mobile–Friendly Websites

Mobile web–browsing suddenly took off a few years ago. Websites created before then may work perfectly well, but will probably not look good on small screens. We can adapt an existing website design so that your website becomes easy to use on mobile phones and tablets.

Improved Features

Extra features can usually be added to an existing website structure. Although it is sometimes necessary to start from scratch, especially with very old or poorly–constructed websites, we always try to integrate extra features into the existing website if possible.

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