Small Business Websites

Every business needs a website. With a good–looking, professionally created website from Lab 99 Web Design, your business will stand out from the crowd!

We offer two small business website packages:

  • £499

    1 – 4 pages

    • Unique design: no templates
    • Free 1st year’s domain name
    • Free 1st year’s web hosting
  • £699

    5 – 10 pages

    • Unique design: no templates
    • Free 1st year’s domain name
    • Free 1st year’s web hosting

What You Get

Our small business packages include everything you need to get your business online.

  • a website of up to 4 pages for £499 or up to 10 pages for £699;
  • the first year’s or .com domain name;
  • and the first year’s hosting for your website.

A Top–Quality Website

A good–looking, user–friendly design comes as standard. If you have a logo, we will gladly incorporate it into the design.

Unique Designs, Not Templates

Unlike many web designers, we do not buy in ready–made templates and charge you hundreds of pounds for a few hours’ work to set them up.

Using a template means doing things the wrong way round: sacrificing the informational content of the website in favour of its surface appearance. People will visit your website to get factual information about your business, not to look at cheap stock photos. A unique design ensures that the information people want to discover not only takes priority but is displayed appropriately and effectively.

Your website will be unique, and coded by hand to your requirements. To see the sort of stylish and effective website we can create for you, please check out our portfolio.

Extra Features

Other features are available at no extra cost:

  • A contact form — an essential feature of a modern website.
  • If you want your customers to find your premises, we can include an interactive Google map on your contact details page.
  • Social media: links to your Facebook and Twitter pages.

Optimised for Search Engines

Search engine optimisation is included, to get your website as high in the rankings as possible. Our use of modern, efficient code to achieve this has other benefits:

  • the pages will load quickly,
  • and the site will be accessible to visitors with disabilities.

In addition, we will ensure that your website is known to all the main search engines.

A Domain Name

A domain name, such as or, is what identifies your website to the outside world.

We will include the first year’s registration of a or .com name. Other domain name extensions are available; please let us know if you have something else in mind. The domain name will be registered to you personally, so that you will have full control over it.

If for any reason you have already registered a domain name yourself, you may need to make certain technical adjustments to its settings. We can advise you how to do this, or we will be happy to do it ourselves free of charge.

Hosting for Your Website

A website is essentially a collection of digital documents. To make it available for everyone to see via the internet, the website needs to be stored, or ‘hosted’, on a specially configured computer with a permanent internet connection.

With our Small Business Website Packages, the first year’s hosting is included in the price.

Web Hosting Features

Among other things, you will get:

  • an unlimited number of email addresses based on your domain name;
  • a password–protected control panel, so that you can read and write emails securely online;
  • two statistics services, so that you can see how many visitors your website has had, where they come from, and more;
  • all the storage space and bandwidth that your website requires;
  • an unlimited number of MySQL databases, if required;
  • all the other technical features needed to make your website work, such as the Perl programming language.

Half–Price Hosting

As a bonus, each Small Business Package qualifies for half–price hosting after the free first year. The cost to our corporate clients is normally £100 per year, but we guarantee that you will pay no more than £50 per year for the life of the website.

Optional Extras

Our Small Business Packages include all the features a typical small business website needs.

Other features are available for a modest one–off extra charge. For example:

  • We can create an image gallery to display a series of photographs with a stylish slide–show effect.
  • If you want to sell products through your website but do not need the complexity (and expense) of a specialist e–commerce website, we can incorporate basic e–commerce features such as online payment by Paypal or Google Checkout. The cost of this will vary according to the number of products offered for sale.
  • If you need to be able to update the website yourself, we can build the website around a piece of software known as a content management system. This gives you password–protected access to the backstage area of the website, and allows anyone with basic computer skills to change portions of text or upload pictures.

Most things are possible, so if you have a special requirement, please feel free to contact us.

Running Costs

A one–off fee of either £499 or £699 covers everything for the first year, but what happens after that? Most web design companies tend to keep quiet about the running costs, but we prefer to be honest.

There are three things you may have to pay for after the first year:

  • Guaranteed half–price web hosting: £50 per year.
  • The domain name: a domain name costs £20 per year, and a .com domain name costs £30 per year (they are administered by different central organisations, hence the different prices).
  • Any changes you ask us to make to your website. We are normally happy to make the occasional minor alteration, such as changing a few words here and there, free of charge. For more substantial or frequent updates and alterations, we have a modest hourly rate, with no minimum charge.

So What Do I Do Now?

We make the process as easy as possible:

  1. Decide what information you want to be displayed on your new website. We have written a guide to help you plan your website.
  2. Contact us. Tell us what you have in mind, and discover what we can do for you. We are happy to offer advice free of charge and without obligation.
  3. Write the text and assemble any pictures you need. If you like, we will gladly edit and rewrite text to make it suitable for the web. Again, we are happy to offer advice about what information to include and how best to present it. If you have a logo or any design requirements, we will of course incorporate them into your website. If there’s anything you are unsure about, just get in touch!
  4. Send us the material. Digital documents, sent by email or on a CD or DVD, are best (especially for photographs), but paper copies are fine too.

We will take care of the rest:

  • designing and building your website;
  • organising the material;
  • presenting the material efficiently both to humans and search engines;
  • arranging your domain name and hosting;
  • uploading the website files to the server;
  • and testing that everything works correctly.

Most Lab 99 Web Design Small Business Package websites are up and running within one week of our receipt of the material!

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